Monday, May 28, 2007

GPS Units and the Mac

Just over a year ago I switched to one of the nice new MacBook Pro's with Intel chips in them. This was a hard decision. I had been a Software Developer on the Windows platform for just over 20 years and felt pretty tied to the platform. But life moves on and I had the good fortune to be working on a Java project and hoped to do more with Ruby so a Mac made sense. I also wanted to immerse myself into a different OS and the Mac seemed ideal.

I still had some reliance on Windows based software so made sure that I got hold of a copy of Paralells but have needed it less and less. One bone of contention though was the lack of support for GPS software. Initially the USB drivers just did not work in the virtual machines so I had to rely on PCs here and there to transfer my walk information.

I was delighted to read that Garmin have stated work on supporting Macs! Oh Happy day.

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