Sunday, June 3, 2007

Why I bought Mac

Why I bought a Mac

Just over a year ago I was working in the US on a Java project. My day to day work was was done on a PC and I was looking for something different. An addicted laptop buyer I had been through a number of dells and had a very nice Veio but still I was not satisfied. I had tried customisations of the UI and alternate technologies for software development. In a recent article Martin Fowler talked about boredom when it came to Microsoft and its development tools. Maybe that was it but for whatever reason with the advent of the Intel based macs and virtualization I could run windows if I needed to in a VM but I would use the native OS for my day to day requirements.

So it is just over a year later was the decision I made a wise one? Hell yes. The day I turned on my mac and saw it boot from cold in 25 seconds was a changing point. A year later it still boots from cold in just over 25 seconds. I have installed and uninstalled lots of software and still it continues to perform. Applications start reliably in the same time that they did when they were first installed. (I had always found that I needed to reimage my windows system once a year to get it back up to speed).

So I sit as my desk typing this message

Macs Rock

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