Monday, December 10, 2007

Google Maps and the Sony Ericsson W850i

A friend of mine demoed Google Maps My Location feature on his mobile phone. I had been using google maps for a while so downloaded the latest version - but alas no 'My Location' feature.

Time for a firmware update

Sony have a couple of apps required for the job. The PC Suite contains all the drivers and an update program for the firmware. Installation under VMWare Fusion was seamless. The UI is quite flash but it still took me a couple of goes to realise that the 'C' button the instructions referred to was the Cancel button rather than the 3 button (it was late in the evening).

Once the firmware was updated and GMM installed the location feature got me to within 100m - not bad as I was sitting in a basement flat! The directions feature is fab - working off a postcode the route to work (driving) was pretty good.

As a bonus the software on the phone felt a lot more responsive - although some of the options had move around.

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