Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tagging builds in subversion

At the end of every build I like to add a tag to the project source repository. Although the build log contains the revision of the source being built and so the build can be re-created, I like the fact that all the information about the source and the build is in one place.

<target name="tag-build" description="tag the build revision" >
<svn javahl="false">
<status path="${basedir}" revisionProperty="svn.revision" />
<echo message="Tagging revision ${svn.revision} as tag ${label}" />
<svn username="cruise" password="cruise" javahl="false">
<copy srcURL="http://repository/path/trunk" revision="${svn.revision}" destUrl="http://repository/path/tags/${label}" message="Cruise: Tagging build ${label}" />

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