Thursday, October 11, 2007

Starting out with Numbers

I managed to hold out for quite some time (for me some time is past the launch date) before splashing out on a copy of iWork.

I have been using Excel on my Mac but wanted to know if Numbers (part of iWork) gave a fresh perspective on how a spreadsheet should work.

I have to confess I have not spent a lot of time with Numbers yet but so far I have not been disappointed.

Key features that work for me

  • Column and row headers as explicit items but still addressable
  • Inline computation of results as a formula is filled into other columns
  • More intuitive insertion of newlines in cells (got it on the 2nd try)
  • Simple menus and text wrapping as an option on the toolbar
  • Sheets start small and grow as the data grows.
  • Easy import of my existing spreadsheets

It is still early days but so far very pleased :)

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